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SMI Trader is a professional company specializing in assisting individuals to become professional in the stock market.

 At SMI Trader we understand that knowledge is power and if our clients are informed correctly about what is going on in the stock market, they will be in  a  position where they can  make the most out of share trading.

 We are driven by keen understanding of the business and are thus able to provide clients with solutions appropriate to fit their needs. Our services include identifying clients investment requirements, identifying suitable relevant investment opportunities, keeping clients informed of company and market developments, maintaining a constant flow of information to our clients effectively and professionally.  Our team consists of skilful, determined and energetic people who are driven by passion and have extensive experience in the field of  Capital Market.   We also have a number of dedicated consultants who are on standby to assist you , you  can contact  us, book an appointment, and one of our consultants will come and give you a detailed presentation on how you can be a successful investor.

 At SMI Trader, we specialize in taking you from novice to professional in terms of wealth creation.

For one to be a successful DIRECT investor with stock exchange, he / she needs to be familiar with these terms:  share,indices, sector , shareholders, equities ,dividends, liquidity etc.
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